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We bring the conference to you.

We bring you a one-day seminar on the topics you want from the best researchers you need.


Global Talent

47 West sends talent scouts to every major conference. Whether it's the flooded halls of Black Hat and RSA, the dark corners of BSides, or hacker-rich CONFidence and HITB, we know where to find the best researchers.

No Fluff

Your business can't afford to waste time with a boring repetition of webinar material. We'll weed out the fluff and give you specific, actionable presentations at a level of detail appropriate for your personnel.

Save Time and Money

Attending conferences can be exciting. But often it's draining - both in your time and money. Worse, it can be non-productive. Give your personnel the edge and your bottom line a break.

Free Proposal

We offer a free consultation to outline your goals and business needs and then provide a no-cost proposal.

Ask the questions you can't ask at a conference

The best infosec talent can't always answer questions in public our of concerns of reprisal. And you can't always ask those questions because you need to protect your assets. Ask in a trusted environment: Yours.

Customized for your needs

Our personnel will give you a free assessment and a free proposal based on the issues you need to address in your company or project. We specialize in 1-2 day seminars on any topic set you need.

100% Discretion

The infosec industry thrives when participants are discreet. You own the material we present to you. We won't market you in a client list. We build our busines on trust and discretion.

Flexible Pricing

Pricing varies by topic depth, customer technical requirement, location and presenters. We can build a seminar that scales to your budget.

Contact us today at - mention SEMINAR2018 for a 5% discount. Find us on Twitter >> or see us on Linkedin >> .